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--: YahiroxMegumi: Sing for Me.

I've been meaning to make a fic about these two, but never came around to write it. XD Distractions are quite annoying. Anyways...this is just a what if situation. Kind of short, disappointing if you must say. =P


Title: Sing for Me
Author: Demi-kun
Pairing: YahiMegu (from Special A)
Rating: K-T
Disclaimer: Dun own. Self-beta'd.
Author's Notes/Warning: Since I haven’t read SA in a long while (since I rather want to read it in order, thus I go by OneManga) I’m not very sure about the honorifics in which Megumi uses to address people in SA. Please excuse me (it’d help if you told me the correct version) if I use the wrong honorifics. Also set after Yahiro and Megumi’s date. It's very short too...also disappointing if you want to say. >.>

---- Sing for Me posted on FF net. I'd rather you reveiw it on FF net though...;D -wink, wink, nudge, nudge-

The cut is odd. ._.; For some reason it displays the whole fic...right underneath the fake cut link. ._o;

Lame...wasn't it? XP

Megumi/Ryuu/Jun. But not romantic. Maybe.

Title: Clandestine Heart
Author: Nakoudo Byakugan... me.
Pairing: Megumi loves Ryuu, Ryuu loves Finn-shape, and Jun loves Sakura.
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I happen to not own Special A.
Author's Notes/Warning: Um... well... I read the manga only when published by Shojo Beat. However, anyone that follows SA online will at least be aware of Finn's exsistance, if anything at all. (Like me. Who isn't sure if Finn is even female.)
Summary: Inside, she has acknowledges her lonliness. She knows they won't always be together, holding hands and making vows. She knows they will move on. And she weeps.

Wherein Ryuu and Jun make Megumi wangst away in dreamland.

Or... the cut... if you want to set my dreams on fire by not reviewing on ff.n...


I come bearing TADASHI x AKIRA!!

 Note: This is a chapter of a collection originally entitled "Confectionaries." The stated title is the title of the actual chapter piece.

Title: Ramen
Author: Sakyh
Pairing: Tadashi x Akira
Rating: K(+)
Disclaimer: I do not own Special A (SA.)
Author's Notes/Warning: Spoiler if not read up to chapter 37.
Summary: Food has just been given a whole new spin to it. 

First SA fic, YAY!! I wish they would have more Tadashi x Akira stuff in the manga, but i guess i'll just have to wait for the good stuff to come out in the anime! Enjoy, everybody!

A fic... :D

Whee. New here, but I wrote my very first SA fic, so, i guess the only thing to do is to post it here, right? :D

Uhm, yeah, I read that fics that have no plot or reasoning don't go here, but mine has an ending. :D really.. :) So yeah. Well, if you don't like it, I can't really do anything.

And oh yeah, Im not very well informed, the last chapter i read was 34 i think. x.x So... this is just from what i know.. :D

Title: A morning at school
Author: Smarshmallows
Pairing: None, really...
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I don't own the series
Author's note/Warning: Mm... The letters are there to help distinguish who's saying what./None, either. :|
Summary: Lookie at the title. It's a very short story. Like, less than 500 words. But... I tried my best. :|

Oh look, Kei has only one line. Weird...Collapse )

Yahiro x Megumi

Hello~ This is xxkof_feexx. Motivated by various S.A fans, I decided to risk it and write a story. This is my first S.A fic and my knowledge derives from spoiling myself with summaries and raw scans. XB But I tried my best. 

Title: Predictable
Author: xxkof_feexx
Rating: T

Setting: Sometime after chapter 39… I guess.
Disclaimer: I do not own Special A.
Warning: OOCness…! Spoilers for chapters 39+

Yes Dear


Please don't forget about this community! If you have ANY Special A fan fic, do post it!

Don't you want to be credited for being one of the first -English- Special A fan fic authors?

We're looking for Special A fan fic, AT ALL!

3rd Story

I am back! With another non-HikarixKei fic, sorry! But I looove this pairing too. Sorry if it sounds crazy to you if you’re not past chapter.... uh, let’s say something like, 40. If you’re not past 40, this pairing may sound crazy to you.

I’m writing this, because I see that, oh, Hanabiartist has failed to post hers. –Shame shame Hanabiartist- :3 Kidding, I really love you.

Title: Speech
Author: Murakami Momo (Miyavis_Gazette)
Fandom: Special A
Pairings: MegumixYahirou
Warnings: OOC?, Lack of a good plot? Italics means it’s written on Megumi’s notebook. A very short drabble.
Rating: K+
Word Count: 204 Words
Summary: Speech is something that few can hide. But when those few talk, it means more than a million words anybody else would say.

Come on!

You guys can totally write some more Special A fan fics! Pleeeeease?

Anyways, Wisconsin’s suuuper boring, so I thought I’d write a fic! :3 Due to the fact that our lovely SA fan fic community lacks fic, I thought I might as well write another fic for Special A that isn’t cracky. Although, I could post my crack fic if you guys want.

I don’t remember a lot of the manga either, so pardon me if this happened in the manga. Along with the OOCness.

Title: Sweets
Author: Momo Murakami (Miyavis_Gazette)
Fandom: Special A
Pairing: TadashixAkira
Rating: K
Word Count: 316
Warnings: Oddity? I’m writing this in a car on the way back to Minnesota. Me not remembering things from the manga? OOC. Drabble
Disclaimer: If I owned SA, there would be no doubt that Finn would be in the anime.
Summary: Why wont Tadashi just say his feelings out loud?

First Post!

I figured since I made the community, I might start it. ...With a one-shot? O.o I have high hopes for this community, especially once the anime comes out! Special A will get so many fans! I’m so excited for the next 2 months now! I hope Finn or Ryuu doesn’t seem too out of character... I’ve been reading summaries instead, because THERE IS NOBODY WHO WILL TRANSLATE THE LAST 30 CHAPTERS. Sorry if they’re out of character!

Title: Improper
Author: Miyavis_Gazette (Momo Murakami)
Fandom: Special A
Pairings: Insane RyuuxFinn shipping
Rating: K
Warnings: Spoilers for those who are not past, uh, Chapter 46 or so? (I’m guessing on the chapter, if you don’t know who Finn is, then it’s a spoiler) And it’s just a one-shot supporting my pairing.
Disclaimer: If I owned SA, there would be a lot more make out scenes.
Summary: It’s improper for a prince to love a man.